We are the creators of SPECTACULARS, the imaginators and tellers of STORIES, bringing people TOGETHER.

We are Sketch Evolution.

We specialise in the development and realisation of projects, from concept creation and strategy, through to production delivery.

Sketch Evolution’s combined experience, structure and flexible approach places it in a unique position to produce, create, develop, consult and strategise.

Our company structure is agile and responds to each project, specific to its requirements, being able to assign resources that are best suited and most cost effective. Sketch Evolution can quickly expand and contract as each project requires, positioning us with the ability to adapt to the changing requirements and circumstances of any situation.

We maintain a high level of reliability and first-class quality due to our robust systems and processes, as well as easily drawing upon the rich and diverse combined experience of our premium network of collaborators and partners.

Sketch Evolution has a strong foundation in theatre. This theatrical understanding is at the core of our approach and differentiates us from most traditional event and strategic companies. We apply theatrical concepts and components to every project we deliver, always considering the journey of the audience.

We have established a wide network of international partners and collaborators, which places Sketch Evolution as a competitive company, operating globally, eager for new challenges. We have an understanding of working with different cultures and related sensitivities.

Welcome to Sketch Evolution.